Handy Helpers Handyman Services in Grand Forks, ND

We work for you!

We work for you!

We work for you!We work for you!We work for you!

homeowners, realtors, 

commercial businesses, maintenance companies, & property investors

No time for pesky projects?

New porcelain sink and single handle chrome faucet installation

Reliable Handyman Repairs

Handy Helpers offers handyman services in Grand Forks. We are committed to delivering premier customer service and combined with our skills and knowledge - we deliver reliable home repairs and improvements. Schedule your next home services with us so you can have peace of mind the job is done right and you can finally check them off your list. 

Professional Handyman making repairs using a drill.

Whether your a home owner, business, realtor, or investor - we provide skilled handyman services to help complete your punch lists! We will repair or replace broken parts to get things working again. We offer maintenance services to keep you up and running. We have helped many customers with specialized items installed or assembled at their stores, businesses, and homes. Schedule an appointment or contact Handy Helpers. We are always happy to talk about your renovations, repairs, or projects.

Empty Adirondack chair - relax while we do the work

Relax on your days offs!

Home renovations not your thing? Would you rather spend your time doing A-N-Y-thing else? We completely understand. Relax on your days off rather then taking precious vacation time to work on home improvements. Let us take care of those painting projects, that running toilet, replace the outdated flooring, removing decades old wallpaper and all those pesky projects that you’ve been putting off.